Today's Boston Herald Business news Article on Labor and Tax Laws Enforceent News Article misses the point.

I am disappointed. The facts about the Massachusetts workplace is not being accurately reported. The facts are Massachusetts working children, men, women, and the legitimate businesses and industries that employ them are being forced to compete against those employers who do not pay taxes, benefits, and maintain proper labor workplace standards. One only has to ask to see documentation on how many workplace inspections, prosecutions, and number of inspectors and needed support staff are assigned in those agencies under the Attorney General and Governor.

The Massachusetts workplace is now that of a Cheaters Paradise in regard to employment, wage enforcement, and accident investigations and is no longer a national leader in honest employer and employee rights and obligations.

The breakup of the Secretariat of Labor in 1993 instigated by labor bosses and labor attorney then Senate Ways and Means Chair Tom Birmingham has been the deep root cause. Since then several labor bosses, those in charge of the labor movement, and politically appointed managers now on the state payroll continue to cover up their failure by sporadic public relations initiatives.

Citizens and the Media-Don’t be fooled.