WARNING:  Beware of Lawyers and Law Firms that exploit sincerity for $$$$$ and public relation gains who do not respect persons who sincerely come forward to expose waste,fraud, and abuse.
There should no need for Whistleblowers if government did its job of oversight and accountability of public funds. Law Enforcement and Regulatory Agencies watchdogs have failed in their mission of enforcement and regulations of functions of business practices.

There is an almost complete lack of codes of conduct by labor bosses and those in business operations in performing services or producing commodities and products. This has resulted in a lack of high standards of performance by a go along to get along workforce afraid to stand up to improprieties for fear of retaliation or job loss.

Now, the greed sector of for profit and billing attorneys finding a way to gain moneys by taking and promoting litigation and insincere devious persons look to cash in by collaborating not to correct injustices but to obtain dollars.