I am most disappointed in any support of a Gas Tax Increase without stating the facts and history of how previous ones were spent. At least look at the issue in total and present all the facts and history of where the gas tax increases went before demanding any new gas tax or allowing any toll increases.

The former chair of the House Transportation Committee Representative Steven J. Karol stated in a contentious debate on the House Floor in May 1990 that no Turnpike funds would be used to pay for the Big Dig. This took place to approve legislation many were involved that already passed the Senate which would have provided oversight and accountability of the Big Dig project. The Special Interests defeated the measure.

When the last gas tax increase was approved in 1991, we were told that was adequate to fix the deteriorating roads and bridges that upon review did not. Look at was done and not fixed. Look at Federal Funds pouring into Massachusetts that could have been used to repair Massachusetts Interstate and Primary Roads and Bridges and were not.

The sad revelation revealed that Parsons Brinkerhoff part of the Big Dig engineering, design, and private oversight of the construction team that ran the Big Dig project from the original $2.3 billion to $23 Billion+ that subsequently now awarded the lead design manager for the $370 million Massport project. Government leaders should be asked the if this is right for the inefficiency, waste, mismanaged, fraud, and abuse of the Big Dig. under their watch? This is a moral and financial outrage. The Big Dig is the world’s largest construction project and is a monument for private sector greed and ravage of taxpayers by state and national government. Gas Taxes, Turnpike and Tunnel Tolls expansions should be taken off the table and not even be considered upfront.

Gas Taxes, Turnpike and Tunnel Tolls expansions should be taken off the table and not even be considered.

The time has come for Massachusetts to establish a new WARD Type Commission such as established during the Boston Government Scandal that forced the legislature to implement many government contracting reforms that seem to have eroded in recent years.

Government and the media should inform the Citizens and Taxpayers where previous gas tax increases were diverted or spent that were previously promised to fix and repair all the dysfunctional roads and bridges.

The guilty and enablers who got Massachusetts into this mess must be exposed and held accountable first. The failure to prosecute in criminal and Civil Courts the truly guilty for mthe Big Dig mess is deplorable and an insult to all Massachusetts citizens and ther pocketbook.

To do any increases to the taxpayer without insuring again independent proper government oversight and accountability that is truly independent and staffed to stand up to bad construction practices and the many special interests of contractors, bankers, bonding companies, insurers, consultants, out of touch labor bosses, and campaign contributions that will take Massachusetts citizens for a ride again is wrong and will lead to a further disaster to Taxpayers.

Raising the Gas Tax during the current recession is not a good public policy.

National So Called Big Bucks Advocacy Group Suing Massachusetts Over Failure to Protect Vulnerable Children With Attorney General Opposing!

When is enough is enough? This issue has been around for decades. Democratic and Republican Administrations, The Legislature with few exceptions, and Union Bosses from SEIU and AFSCME are responsible for the continuous carnage of the most vulnerable Children and misuse of Taxpayer Dollars.

We have seen the in Massachusetts the rise of the most expensive, unaccountable, inhumane Human Services Industrial Establishment composed of no bid providers, consultants, vendors, and billable minutes lawyers literally conducting rape of tax dollars on a continuous basis.

What is sad to witness is an almost callous disregard lacking compassion, care, and concern for vulnerable children and families that only goes on and on from crisis to crisis and only reported when those few investigative journalists left employed inform the citizenry.