Massachusetts Unecessary Budget Cuts Are Another Scheme To Fool The Taxpayers and Citizens

Shame and stupidity prevails on the Massachusetts budget cuts with the Governor to the Attorney General cutting their own budgets as a show of absolute dumbness that only depicts a continual lack of leadership failure.

There should be no budget shortfalls and a leaner budget to begin with. Stop feeding the addiction of costly no bid contracts to vendors, providers, and consultants that cost billions of budget taxpayer dollars. Elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse rampant throughout in several budget areas alone could solve any deficiency. Going after the so called underground economy that flourishes in the state alone means billions of additional revenue.

The elimination of unneeded patronage positions will enable the career dedicated workforce to perform their mandated duties on behalf of the taxpayers and citizens of Massachusetts.

Time for a true line item, subsidiary accounts, object codes, and scheduling state budget filled with true accountability and oversight devices to regain the trust in government by the citizenry.