Another nail in the coffin is being reported of one more challenge to journalism and the free press by the New York Times.

This deals with a revolt by several newspapers against the Associated Press. The complaints include costs are too expensive, what is received appears of little use, and that the Associated Press acts in competition.

The daily news about the newspaper, magazine, and broadcast industry becomes most dreadful each day.

The information institutions the American Citizenry knows is in a constant state of demise, downsizing for survival, or being extinguished.

All traditional means of communication seems to be replaced by means of the internet where news of any sort is obtained instantly in the home or office and most often at no charge.

No longer is the structure of how we receive news, investigative reporting, columnists’ views, or editorials need a print or broadcast structure.

The internet and its immediate is great. However, it is destroying the profession of journalism and the media institutions we know.

Despite the good intentions for survival with innovation by media management, reporters, and support employees, the crisis continues.

The traditional press freedoms we the citizen expect and want are under severe attack with little or no answers for what the future will be. Shame on all as we watch and appear powerless to protect them for this and future generations.