Reopen Guanatanamo Now….Immediately….Imprisonment First….Trials Maybe…Or None

Guanatanamo which is closing must stay open and expanded to insure all needing to go having no waiting period. No trials, judges, juries, prosecutors, or lawyers are needed. There are so many real people that must directly go there and should not be left out for lack of room. I believe that all pollsters from Gallup to Zogby will attest to this position of national necessity without the requirement to do the expense of accurate sampling.

The need is so immense and no Wall Streeter, Insurer, Banker, Democrat or Republican Political Congress Person, Past and Present President or Vice President, Fund Raiser, Security Exchange or Federal Reserve Chair, or Treasury Secretary should be required to wait for room. Also, no Lobbyist known or unknown, Guilty, Enabler, or Profiteer should be left behind. The US Chamber of Commerce, Business Round Table, and non vigilant Labor Bosses who did know or sound the alarm should also be included. The Attorney General, FBI, and Justice Department have failed to monitor, prosecute or inform, expose, and prosecute. Guilt and Incarceration first must be the first means of due process for those responsible for the almost demise of America’s economic treasure.

The whole gang must be kept together and in one place to write their memoirs and have hourly games to blame others with a process of elimination refereed by a Pinocchio character as moderator. A ball field or stadium could be built with continued partisanship for these self serving interest games operating not for the common good. The players could compete for trophies and determine who the true American Idol to be admired and winner determined as by who did the most to steal, plunder, cheat, misinform, cover up, or engineer the highest level of greed for misdirecting which caused almost our country’s financial downfall. That person, persons, or entity would then have the highest monument erected to be paid for with a pain and anxiety American citizens have to endure with their economic fears. They include losing homes, I.R.A.’s, social security, healthcare, and a way of life,

Plush Hotels could be built and named at these facilities in order to insure those who want to continue the tradition of bait and switch, golden parachute pensions, stock options, helium financial reports, and high executive salaries could always be immortalized. The failed 21st century robber barons responsible for not accomplishing the final goal of raping and privatizing the Social Security System must be named and given a separate monument marked failed.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Bear Stern, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Wachovia Buildings could be built with sand, smoke, and mirrors with plenty room for new arrivals could become part of the indelible Guanatanamo landscape. In the middle, a Democratic Party and separate Republican Party Headquarters Buildings could be the focal points with those elected officials and fund raising friends continuing to bring $$$$$ and goodies even if the only available funds for these bunkers is of the monopoly variety. Model private jet planes could be everywhere as a reminder of first class plane trips to be plied for potential influence. Lobster shells could be sent with empty champagne bottles as a reminder of the good old days. AIG labeled back scratchers will be given out as a reminder of the millions given to bail out AIG and that immediate big celebration party given costing a half million with those massages and gourmet meals paid with taxpayer monies.

Our beloved America is racing to the economic bottom by the dastardly deeds forced on its citizens. Those responsible include a so called free market, congress, and presidency that did not institute accountability, and oversight to insure a check and balance to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse of the financial system for the survival and benefit of a trusting citizenry. The average American should not bear any brunt or suffering for the results of the financial disaster that should have never taken place and been prevented,