Massachusetts continues to be challenged as the Number 1 all time leader in Drug and Hospital Costs in the country and world despite would be spotty competition by other state and world countries.

Nothing will be done in healthcare until such time the sellers and providers are held accountable: hospitals, insurers, drug companies, and government.

Consumers, citizens in need, and businesses cannot be expected to be continually victimized on behalf of healthcare industry greed and constant costly corrupt practices.

Hospital deregulation in the early 1990 era was to foster healthcare competition and did not. You saw, see, and will see the survival of the deep pockets and not the most efficient in the hospital and healthcare delivery care system.

Partners Healthcare, Massachustts General, Dana Farber, and Brigham and Wonen with its monopolistic practices is exterminating community hospitals and centers and the catering allowance of boutique healthcare for the very well off from everywhere continues to the detriment of all.

The constant high price advertising and million dollar plus salaries for former failed government geniuses such as Republican Charles Baker, formerly from the financially bailed out Harvard Pilgrim healthcare and now Democrat Politico guru James Roosevelt at Tufts healthcare occupying a most well heeled financial CEO perch is the high point the greedy overpaid
that the auto company honchos should emulate.  The worst case was the  CEO  multi million dollar payout loser Blue Cross gave to its failed top Manager upon leaving.   The continued frazzle dazzle made state government to go from a provider of human services to a buyer of unmonitored health services from the uncasring Health Care Industrial Establishment.

For profit, non profit, and not for profit Massachusetts healthcare from top to bottom needs an in depth greed analysis. The current Massachusetts system so called healthcare for the not and under insured scammed, launched, and implemented from PR lobbyist guy Jack Connors, The Vault, and Chamber of Commerce deserves a self audit for care, concern, and compassion.

Waste, fraud, and Abuse in healthcare premiums, drugs, and tax dollars being squandered in healthcare and non quality services must be addressed.

Time to listen and address healthcare from the bottom up from consumers, medical support staff, nurses, doctors and not top down from the sell serving medical CEO golden bonus crowd of managers, dysfunctional legislature, and infiltrated so called business groups that the healthcare industries paying dues victimizes non healthcare businesses battling to maintain the healthcare for themselves and employees.

The time has come for a legislature to do something in healthcare that is a right for every resident of this state by listening to the citizenry and telling the healthcare industry enough is enough.
Massschusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump Continues Patronage Hiring After Dismissing Those Hired By The Former Auditor.......  Spoils and Patronage Hiring Continues In Auditors Office?......Will Audits be Conducted In A Political Manner based on Politics or Being Conducted On Merit to Expose, Waste, Fraud, And Abuse of Tax Dollars?

Distrust of Auditor Bump continues.

Her political appointed so called senior management team already exposed and written who temporary job holders themselves now hire replacement auditors.

This clearly shows one gang gets elected and throws the other gang out in office.

The problem there was no legitimate merit hiring process in this and other Executive offices from the Governor to the Treasurer.

There is no continuity of administration or long term goals of a merit career ladder accountable management that works and runs free  and protected from personal agendas no matter what dependent of campaign contributions temporary State Auditor is elected. Auditor Employees do not even have the right to join  even a weak union.

Massachusetts State Government long ago destroyed weakened and then destroyed its civil service system and has no real merit hiring system in place.

The political wars appear to continue by Bump and former Auditor Dinucci.

Mistrust and political Agenda of Auditor Suzanne Bump continues?
Massachusetts Non Profits, Not For Profits, and Foundations Must Now Clean UP Their Own Management Greed As What Was Exposed In The Banking And Insurance Industry.....Savings Could be at least $750 million to $1.5 billiuon+ Alone In The State Budget. .....

Government,Foundations, and Citizens all struggling in our nation's failed economy caused by unmonitored corporate financial greed and failed government oversight must show additional compassion and dig deeper into their pocketbooks. Compassion, Care, and Concern are needed to guarantee what is funded is precisely spent as intended.

However, the time has come that the non profits and not for profits be held to a higher standard also. Greed CEO salaries.golden parachutes, fat expense accounts, and interrelated sweetheart contracts must be addressed. Direct care services advertised must be maintained with need sincerity and actually being provided as funded.

Estimates not taking in consideration the $$$$billions in private giving accounts in the state budget alone if waste, fraud, abuse corruption and doing proper oversight could recover $750 Billion+ to $1.5 Billion + alone in State budget Expenditures by holding the non profit and not for profit Human Services Industrial Complex were properly audited and monitored.
WARNING:  Beware of Law Firms that exploit sincerity for $$$$$ and public relation gains who do not respect persons who sincerely come forward to expose waste,fraud, and abuse.

There should no need for Whistleblowers if government did its job of oversight and accountability of public funds. Law Enforcement and Regulatory Agencies watchdogs have failed in their mission of enforcement and regulations of functions of business practices.

There is an almost complete lack of codes of conduct by labor bosses and those in business operations in performing services or producing commodities and products. This has resulted in a lack of high standards of performance by a go along to get along workforce afraid to stand up to improprieties for fear of retaliation or job loss.

Now, the greed sector of for profit and billing attorneys finding a way to gain moneys by taking and promoting litigation and insincere devious persons look to cash in by collaborating not to correct injustices but to obtain dollars.