Massachusetts Pacheco Law: The Boston Globe in an Editorial is absolutely wrong and continues to make misleading statements along with their columnist Scot Lehigh on the so called make believe law that allows and enables private sector government contracting by no bid Vendors, Consultants, and Provider Special interests and Campaign Contributors who receive Government Contracts. This so called law with so many loopholes continues to allow by smokescreen more costly work to be performed by private contractors even if more expensive than being done by Government Workers. The law lacks any teeth to enforce proper provisions and is only fakery at its finest. The media tools to coverup in the hands of the Globe Editorial Board and Columnist Lehigh is contaminated filled with guilt as the record shows they either supported or blinked their eyes when those who tryed along with their own employed by newspasper to expose and seek accountability on the Big Dig. They were all dismissed and not listened to trying to get accountability and oversight on the unsafe,costly,and most expensive in the World so called Transportation mismanaged project. The hero Globe writers dismissed and attacked included Peter Howe, John Coughlin, and Charles Sennott.

The so called Pacheco Law does nothing to prevent literally or any unchecked privatization of government services. A smoke screen at best.

Just look at the massive number of traditional former services provided by government services now provided by unchecked no bid contracts by private consultants, providers, and vendors in shadow government. This is done outside Open Meeting Laws, Freedom of Information Act, and the State Ethics Commission.

Massachusetts Taxpayers are paying for employees in the private sector that doesn’t openly show up in reading the State budget. The Globe and the media continues to focus on the number of State Employees and never looking at what is being paid for in the so called private sector and what the actual value is. What and who are this employees?

Union Bosses and Pacheco himself know the so called legislation has not worked, is not working, and will not work, The law only sounds good on the surface.

Inefficiency, waste, and mismanagement continue with the Pacheco Bill not preventing bad expenditure of Tax Dollars.

A major flaw in the legislation Pacheco and his allies allowed in this poorly crafted legislation was allowing Engineering and Design services being exempted. when this so called Pacheco failed law passed that permitted no bid, unaccountable BIG DIG costs to run away with little or no oversight to the Bernie Madeof and unsafe disgrace the project became from the original $2billion to the ridiculous $23 Billion private sector profiteering it now is. The Editorial Board of the time allowed and dismissed all who blew the whistle on the Big Dig. In recent years, a former Globe Editorial Writer Jon Keller now of Boston CBS4 stated the Globe Editorial Board was “in the tank” on the Big Dig and even outed a member of the group.

The Pacheco legislation does not work only accomplishes a false mirage for misguided journalists.

If the Pacheco Law is rigid why there is so much continual waste, fraud, abuse and lack of oversight in Government Contracting that only continues and is not stopped?

I challenge to be corrected.

The so called BIG BIG Business Group Massachusetts Taxpayers Association organization membership that promotes Bernie MadEoff failures against taxpayers and citizens is well represented in the list of private contributors paying along with the Union Bosses who did not seek direct approval from their membership to spend BIG $$$$ for the Patrick-Murray anointing again festivities.

Now, we have cosmetic groups who are part of the so called ethics study group formed by the governor like Common Cause trying to have it both ways in being part of the problem than being critical of the coronation.

Meanwhile, the citizens and taxpayers continue to watch inefficiency, w3aste, fraud, and abuse in state government with a so called dysfunctional legislature incapable of providing oversight and accountability to insure government services and expenditures are needed and and proper.

Needed and legitimate services by government get the budget ax while the royalty of consultants, vendors, and providers most Special Interests continue no matter if a Republican or Democratic Administration is in office.

The well financed Special interests always win against the citizens less powerful.

$700, 000 allegedly being spent to coronate another 4 years of Governor Patrick-Murray miscues is rather cheap money to spend to try to get access and be part of the team?

Happy Inauguration to the Special Interests while Massachusetts Children, Women, and Men continue to suffer from a failed economy and government structure.

When will integrity with true public service not perpetual self service start in Massachusetts?