Boston Globe reporter Noah Bierman writes about Republican candidate Charles Baker compasion for a program and individual. The credibility is questionable especially being revealed during an election cycle where Baker has had such a poor record for those in need of Human Services and an almost total lack of insuring acountability and over sight of taxpayer dollars in several politically appointed positions he held in state government.

Now the rest of the Story…..The Boston Globe is being used by the highly financed $$$$ campaign public relations team of one of the worst self serving government politically appointed administrators to serve in government who wrecked carnage on those in need of Human Services and raped taxpayers pocketbooks.

Charlie Baker lacks any compassion or concern for the unfortunate, Look at his tenure as Assistant and Secretary of Human Services for the Develop Mentally Disabled, Public Health and Nursing Homes, and those requiring Mental health Services. Unfortunately, the reporter did not do his research. Look at the Baker era and his role at the Group Insurance Commission that he and his father who served as a model to deny healthcare for public workers that Baker carried on at his big bucks job he took after the state approved bailout of his Harvard Pilgrim health Insurance job.

The reporter should look at Charlie Baker’s cover up of the asbestos contamination scandal at the Saltonstall Buiilding and his mismanagement of the potential exposure after repeated incidents. Look at Baker’s initiatives of destroying the state Human Services Delivery Systems that continues today. Look at facilities in Tauntoin, Danvers, Northampton, Belchertown, Rutland, Glavin,Umass Hospital, Boston City Hospital, and foster care programs who instead of modernizing with accountability and providing oversight destroy that has resulted in the state being captive by unaccountable vendors, consultants, and providers. Baker failed in his oversight of the financially failed Big Dig as further verification of his failed leadership.

This news article is another example of a politician who fears his true past being exposed that a slick media specialist bakes an angle to cover up past discretions.

Thos who were in the audience watch and witnessing during the Charlie Baker years at the statehouse are not fooled.

I challenge to be corrected by this Globe Reporter or other Baker allies at the Globe.

Time for the real facts on Baker and his opponents to be revealed so voters can make an informed decision who should the lead the state.