Disgrace: Obama supports Bernanke

There is no difference between Chicago Political Boss creation President Barrack Obama than Big Oil , Wall Street Banker favorite George Bush. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, and Chief Economic Adviser Larry Summers with the only one missing is Herb Paulsen from the Bush Administration whose 3 page fright paper got unaccounted and lack of oversight billions in taxpayer money for the greedy Wall Street Crown who must return.. Even shamed former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan thinks Bernanke is great for reappointment. Geithner predicts calamity if Bernanke is not appointed. Special Interests and Wall Street rule government continue to prosper as Main Street suffers more.

TARP, Bank Bailouts, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch, the happiest days are ahead…..Bring on more of the unlimited Campaign Contributions that both the Washington Democrats and Republicans can feast on!

This President will not clean up Wall Street and Congress will not do nothing either.

The cupboards on Main Street are bare while the party in Congress and the White House continues. Transparency. Oversight, Accountability in Government are no longer attainable.

Rising to the middle class, attaining good jobs, good wages, good healthcare, and good pension benefits are the past for American Citizens. The standard of living goes down and is rushing to become 3rd world.. Tuition, mortgage, affordable healthcare and housing, gasoline, utilities, clothing, and food costs continue to rise unchecked. The value of the American Dollar is rushing to the bottom to be as valuable as the “wooden nickel”.

Yet the promises of the 2008 election by both McCain and Obama go unchecked and forgotten. The Washington Senate leadership of Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Mitch McConnell, as well as House Leaders Democrat Nancy Pelosi and Republican John Boehner only offer foolish statements and despair.

Obama is starting to wear thin and his constant reinventing himself on now tackling Wall Street cannot be believed nor his promises for Transparency in Government in which the close door healthcare debate certainly proves was not followed. The Nobel Peace Prize
and failed Chicago Olympic site jockeying only adds to failed policies and initiatives.

Main Street families have suffered under the insensitive George Bush and now continue under President Barack Obama rhetoric and speeches. The recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts clearly shows the Obama and Democrat label luster has tarnished and continues to rust.

After one year of President Obama’s term, the only hope of the administration seems to be false hope for a better future for this generation or those in the future. Obama and the Democrats cannot continue to blame Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Fox News, talk show hosts, or Tea People for their continuous blunders and missteps.

The Hope and Change crowd that propelled President Obama into office seems to be abandoning ship and missing in action. The winds in their sails are gone. There are some media buddies still trying to support the administration such as Oberman, Maddow, Chris Matthews, The New York Times, and Jim Carville with the enthusiasm lessening each day by other Progressives and Liberals.

The underlings in both Houses of Congress seem to becoming restless as the 2010 election approaches with many incumbents of both parties getting nervous. There is more on the Democratic side fearing massive November losses. The Democratic leadership is having a difficult time in several states that as the failures and waffling continue by the White House. A new challenge from the Progressives will emerge from the underground and along with the “Tea People” will cause pain for the Obama presidency as well as both Political parties in 2010. Stay Tuned

Despicable for President Obama now wanting to be a “Populist”. And, maybe he becomes a Whistleblower! This is fraud to state he now wants to take on Wall Street Bankers. Too, Too, Too late, Obama has already cast his lot with the greed merchants of AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Stearns. He supported Fannie and Freddie, not to mention TARP and all the bailouts of this past year forgetting job losses and the people on Main Street.. Must we also mention his opium of Campaign Contributions? No one on Main Street can ever trust his chameleon like speeches of the day with little or no substance. Obama record is like George Bush and is certainly not one like Ralph Nader whom we all know.

How can anyone trust Obama when he has surrounded himself with the failed tax cheat enabler Timothy Geithner as his Treasury Secretary? He oversaw Wall Street when at theNew York Fed and continues to be their darling and shunning the people on Main Street. Ben Bernake for another term at the Federal Reserve who like Geithner is another defendant for the financial crisis the country is in? Also part of the Obama inner circle is questionable Chief Economic Adviser Larry Summers formerly of Harvard and an alleged enabler for Goldman Sachs who received questionable taxpayer bailout dollars and a former daily lecturer for Wall Street at big bucks.

Obama now wants to pick a fight with his Wall Street buddies thinking the people on main Street will believe him.. He must clean house first and go into a long-term Main Street First Mode by checking in to a Wall Street Last Rehabilitation Clinic to rid his philosophy and governing manner Bernie Madeoff made famous. Next, he must sanitize his cabinet and political overseers by using a Mr. Clean type cleaner to Spic and Span his administration. Failure to do these efforts will continue to have his nose grow like Pinocchio and be visible at the November 2010 mid term elections and be most prevalent when he goes for reelection in 2012. Obama better hope no insurgent progressive candidate takes him on.

The President also needs immediate backbone surgery to take out his bone marrow opportunist philosophy that got him the to where he is by the Mayor Daley and Rod Blagojevich political machines. Rahm Emanuel bulldog tactics must go. Obama must act like Mother Teresa and show real heart for the banished Black Tie and Expensive Gown State Dinner Crowd that cannot attend his gourmet White House mels from Main Street.

Obama must realize what families and small businesses are facing in unfair foreign competition jon losses, under and unemployment, high food, gasoline, heating and utility, unfair health insurance tuition, mortgage, rent, and hosing costs that He, George Bush, Republicans and Democrats don’t get as the special interests lubricate them and Washington into comas with campaign contributions.

Can a leopard change his spots? Can a junked car become new again? Can a failed Presidency Revive, Retool, Restore, Reinvigorate, Refresh, Reinvent, Reestablish, Re-establish itself?

Too late as faith, hope, and trust in the Obama Presidency by Main Street is becoming in doubt and the not loyal opportunists within the Democratic Party maybe ready to attack ?

Perhaps, we will witness the left and right along with the disgruntled so call “Tea People” unite to demand good government from its elected and appointed leaders? Main Street awaits for real deeds, accomplishments, and long lasting turnaround as the clock ticks with the impatience and lack of confidence growing.

President Obama make us proud of you. Really Rehabilitate and Renovate Yourself...
Boston Herald reports UMASS President Jack Wilson gets pay raise of 15.4 percent, or $72,800, to $546,000 for fiscal year 2009 not mentioning benefits, perks, and is crying for more..Self Service and not Public Service..Insulting to all readers and taxpayers....."Another Pig at the Trough”Service

This is another example of self service and not public service. This public employee paid for with taxpayer and tuition dollars gives public service as an honorable profession a bad name.

Those that have tried and tried to blow the whistle on these type of salaries in so called public and non profit service are not surprised.

Mr.Wilson like so many of his colleagues does not show concern, care, or compassion for the mission and to those served.

Bernie Madeoff and Wall Street Banker salaries and perks are not the example to follow in the non profit, not for profit. and public sector.

The media must do more to focus, expose, and advocate change

Massachusetts new Junior United States Republican Senator Scott Brown,,,,Who is to Blame for the defeat of Democrat Martha Coakley?

Now the aftermath of the Coakley campaign is the question who or what to blame?

The pundits and next day quarterbacks who to blame and what is the proper analysis?

Who are those at fault? Coakley, Campaign managers, Local, State or National Democratic Parties, Democratic Senatorial Committee, John Kerry, Congressional Delegations, Labor Bosses, Emily List, Abortion, Gay Rights Groups?

Or high unemployment, costs of home heating fuel, food, gasoline, health insurance, mortgages, tuition, housing costs, employment, and job uncertainty caused the outcome?

Were either Brown Coakley ready to run for US Senate? Are there those wondering Republicans or democrats thinking today they could have won?
Please Apologize Martha Coakley. Your behavior is shameless

I do not support Scott Brown and am outraged when he says that he fights waste on Beacon Hill. He has not been there or done it.

As for Ms. Coakley, I gave thought to holding my nose and voting for her. That has become more difficult after her fly in to Washington leaving Massachusetts a week before the election to go to get $10,000 entry fees at a fundraiser from lobbyists in the healthcare industry such as Pfizer, Eli lily, Merck, Blue Cross and United Healthcare.

The names of those we know of who were there is an insult to those who have a record of wanting healthcare for all Americans. Hopefully, she gives the money back and apologizes before Tuesday and the voters vote.

Don't be fooled by Martha Coakley....She maybe worse then Scott Brown as our next US Semator from Massachusetts.....A difficult decision to vote for her. Will Martha Coakley support us who need healthcare or the drug,insurance companies, and lobbyists she is taking BIG BUCKS from at a Washington last minute fundraiser?????

I am no fan of the Real Scott Brown and his lack of a Record. Martha has done little or nil as Attorney general prosecutions BIG DIG, Wage and hour, Consumer, Criminal Division,
However, at her Washington Fundraiser Last Night she took time out to fly to....If this does not sour you....then categorize yoursellf as a blind defender of the Democratic party. She is no healthcare consumer crusader.

From Wall Journal, January 13, 2010-Page A22

"As first reported by Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner, the host committee for the fundraiser at Pennsylvania Avenue's Sonoma Restaurant includes lobbyists for Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly, Novartis and sundry other drug companies that have been among the biggest of ObamaCare's corporate sponsors. Other hosts-who have raised at least $10,000 for Ms. Coakley-include representatives from UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and other insurers. As far as we can tell, the insurance industry claims to oppose ObamaCare's current incarnation.

Naturally, lobbyists from America's Health Insurance Plans and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the major trade groups, were on hand too."

This is what is wrong with the elitist labor leaders in America who have a disconnect with their rank and file membership and the skeptical non union workers they want to bring in to pay high dues and support their Wall Street Banker salaries, perks, life styles.

The Afl-CIO is becoming extinct and already splintered. These comments by its leader only lead to further deteriorization of credibility. Instead of standing most firm on healthcare and the Democratic Party....the labor movement leaders once again WIMP.
I have received robo calls from Martha Coakley and now Scott Brown which irked me. You will find enclosed a potential position on who I may vote for in the upcoming special Massachusetts Special US Senate Election

I received a ROBO telephone call with a voice identifying himself as Scott Brown who helps to LEAD THE FIGHT AGAINST WASTE ON BEACON HILL......IF VOTING FOR HIM, PRESS 1, IF NOT VOTING FOR HIM, PRESS 2, AND IF UNSURE PRESS 3.

Martha Coakley has done little or nil for accountability and oversight of taxpayer dollars or prosecuting waste, fraud or abuse as Attorney General. Brown's record and documentation is non existent.

ROBO CALL FROM SCOTT BROWN 8:10PM-January 10, 2010-Not Believable
The question is for those of us who have a record on these issues what do we do? Hold your nose and vote for Martha and send her to Washington to be a rubber stamp for the dysfunctional Democratic Senate, send a message of frustration vote for Brown who seems to suffer from Pinocchio Syndrome , waste a vote on Kennedy the so called libertarian who cannot win. Or vote what is your heart for Mr./Mrs. Or Ms. Blank or the ultimate solution WRITE IN RALPH NADER?
Boston Globe Ediorial Board out of character in lack of praise and support for Massachusetts Hospital Administrators

Congratulations to the Boston Globe Editorial Board and their page for their criticism of hospital administrators for not showing up at a costs control legislative hearing.

We usually see use of the Editorial Page for free advertising guest columns by ^Bernie Madeoff" Hospital Administrators, Insurer CEO, or so called healthcare questionable profiteers advocate types from the Human Services Industrial Establishment.

Now that you dictators of Editorial Policy at the Boston Globe are miffed that hospital administrators have not showed up at the so called hospital cost legislative hearing, will this editorial disgust be a one day occurrence? Will you rulers of the Editorial Board ban and not allow those dastardly overpaid Hospital Administrators anymore free non objective columns to further present one sided untruths to the citizens of Massachusetts?