The New frontier of Healthcare Exploitation

October 22, 2008

There were until their recent death Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Insurer AIG. Then there is the new frontier of healthcare to be exploited. Two high profile politico types have made the transition from party politics and the revolving door of goivernment. They now have become CEO of two of Massachusetts leading healthcare groups

The Massachusetts pioneers are a Democrat so called activist Jim Roosevelt of Tufts Health Care Plan and Republican Charles Baker of Harvard Pilgrim combining to to redefine more failed health care in Massachusetts. Both men have had meteor rise to $$$$Million+ salaries and perches and the honor of aiding and helping to destroy the healthcare delivery system in Massachusetts by their failed advocacy of the state not being a provider of human services to becoming a buyer of human services.

Their records are most clear. Baker the former State Secretary of Human Services and the state's top financial head. While longtime Democratic Committee lawyer and advocate for the providers, consultants, and vendors takeover of the human services delivery system. These two are now could be called the poster boys for self interest and personal profiting against public interest and the common good.

The citizens and media should not be fooled or takin in. Beyond the hype these two guys will only continue to further the so called non profits, for profits, and for profits healthcare first and not in the interests of business, industry, workers, and citizens in need of quality healthcare. Don’t be fooled!