Massachusetts Attorney General gets $35,000 during failure Senate race from Executives of failing Cathoilic Hospital Chain now must detemine if sale of 6 hospitals to so called investment group-good or bad. Will campaign contributions enter into the equation? You be the judge. Time to watch for potential ethical violation.

Caritas Christi Health Care by a New York speculator or alleged properly so called named "investment" firm. Six so called failure hospitals are involved. These hospitals serve neddy populations. Will the for profit investment firms put profits or patient care first? Another sad commentary to note are all the Catholic Parishners and others who gave and donated over the years figuring good human healthcare with oversight by the Catholic Church leaders?

As for the Office of Attorney general martha Coakley: This is another example of the Office of Attorney General performing and whose functions in many areas are shambles that is mandated by state law which should come under review for Conflicts of Interests and Ethical Standards.

Media hype or Press releases should not be used for damage control or self promotion as Massachusetts Healthcare continues to lag. Will be interesting to see how Coakley handles this one rightly or have her character and Office questioned again.

We all remember the last minute secret Washington fundraiser during her Senate Campaign where the Healthcare Industrial Special Interests opened their checkbooks.

The Attorney General has a long way to go in restoring trust and confidence.

Time for Coakley to Clean Up her Act and her Agency functions on behalf of the citizens. Be a stateswoman for the people and not just another politician temporarily administering government for self service and not public service