Another Boston Central Artery "Big Dig" Charade Coming on Oversight of the "Guardrail Tragedy"....CAUTION TO ALL WHISTLEBOWERS....THINK TWICE BEFORE EXPOSING YOURSELF.

I would urge all who have knowledge of inefficiency, waste, mismanagement, fraud and abuse to think twice bfore coming forward. Think of your family and yourself.

No one cares. Those that have been there, seen it, and done it are giving you good advice.

The Federal Highway Administration, Federal Ispector General, US Attorney, State Attorney General, State Inspectorn General, FBI, General Accounting Office, Congress, Legistors, and State Attorney General and especially The Boston Globe: BEWARE AND DON'T BE FOOLED.

I advise you if you have information contact the Whistleblower Group with the utmost integrity. Project On Government Oversight(POGO) and theid General Counsel Scott Amey, phone: (202) 347-1122