Thank You and Congralutlations to Blue Cross for maintaining inefficiency, waste, and mismanagement will continue. The loss of $150 million last year and giving out CEO retirement packages of $16 million why was so low? Hopefully, Blue Cross can do better and this year really achieve the goals of AIG, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Stearns to really sock it to the subscribers and taxpaying business and industries

Good benefits, great salaries, and perks for the corporate executives. Everyone benefits except the subscribers. Blue Cross should work its health plan to be the best in America.

The "BERNIE MADEOFF TRADITION" of shuffle and fool to make sure it continues by less use of their plans of those in need of healthcare to continue to save costs for more $$$ for those in charge....Is not corporate and non-profit greed grand?

Thank You Massachusetts Government and absent regulators for taking care and insuring Healthcare provider gimmicks and costs continue to skyrocket.