Boston Globe Editorial promoting another Republican Candidate Charles Baker Jr. scheme to join the state Group Insurance Plan to cut Municipal Health Care Costs. The Boston Globe left out several facts and allowed another use of their Editorial Page for a boost for Baker the former $1 Million+ salary CEO of the Harvaed Pilgrim Health plan that got a state bailout.

Wait a minute Boston Globe Editorial Board writers. You are not stating the real facts.and have gone too far.

Public and private employees are the victims as Massachusetts pays the highest health care costs in the country and world.

Boston Globe Editorial Page continuously has allowed overpaid health care executives such as million dollar guy Baker to get free columns to cover up their carnage on businesses and industries honestly trying to get affordable healthcare for themselves and their employees..

These are the facts the Globe editorial Board has failed to state.

Charles Baker and his father both served on the State Group Insurance Commission and always supported the industry and causing less care and higher costs for workers and taxpayers. Boston Globe Editorial Board, you left these facts or did not bother to ask or just doing another support piece for Baker and the industry

Two examples of the Group Insurance Commission during the Baker Boys and Republican Governors reign of the Commission head Dolores Mithchell who continues under this Democratic Administration to attack taxpayers and employees with unfounded higher costs and be a patsy for the Health Care Industrial Establishment

BALANCE BILLING-This is where government allows those insured are required to pay doctor costs out of their pockets above what the plan pays for. I spearheaded the legislation with the support of many that stopped this practice on public employees that was implemented by the Group Insurance commission.. Private Sector Employees and Employers have had these laws since 1985 to protect them against having to pay for doctor costs above what their plan pays.

Drug Formularies. This is where health insurers can dictate what drugs people insured can receive. I filed a formal complaint against a health care provider and a settlement was reached. Insurers now announce in advance what drugs they will pay forl and have to be upfront with the insured..

I challenge the Globe Editorial Board to be Transparent in writing their columns. And immediate correst what is being stated.

I also challenge to be corrected

Shame on the Globe. and Charley Baker, you had and have so much potential-it is time to clean up your act and at least be upfront where you come from