Scott Lehigh long long time reporter and promoted columnist for the Boston Globe has written that he has been fooled referencing Republican Governor Candidate Charlie Baker's CHARACTER! Imagine, it has taken decades to realize what many that have tried to hold Baker accountable for his many missteps, lack of accountability and oversight carnage of actions taken against citizens and taxpayers. Lehigh appears to have awaken?

Charlie Baker lacks any compassion or concern for the unfortunate. Look at his tenure as Assistant and Secretary of Human Services for the Develop Mentally Disabled, Public Health and Nursing Homes, and those requiring Mental health Services. Unfortunately, the reporter did not do his research. Look at the Baker era and his role at the Group Insurance Commission that he and his father who served as a model to deny healthcare for public workers that Baker carried on at his big bucks job he took after the state approved bailout of his Harvard Pilgrim. Remember, Baker got his multimillion $$$ job health Insurance job at the insurer to ply his denial of good benefits to subscribers to get profits and continue his worth many mllion $$$ in salaries and benefits for himself.

The reporter should look at Charlie Baker’s cover up of the asbestos contamination scandal and contaminators at the Saltonstall Buiilding and his mismanagement of the potential exposure after repeated incidents. Look at Baker’s initiatives of destroying the state Human Services Delivery Systems that continues today. Look at facilities in Taunton, Danvers, Northampton, Belchertown, Rutland, Glavin,Umass Hospital, Boston City Hospital, and foster care programs who instead of modernizing with accountability and providing oversight destroy that has resulted in the state being captive by unaccountable vendors, consultants, and providers. Baker was complacent and disastrous in his oversight of the financially failed Big Dig as further verification of his failed leadership.

Scott Lehigh was around for all the Charlie Baker years in state government and is only now waking up to his true unfortunate character! Lehigh has been fooled like the Republican Party in Massachusetts who had the audacity to think with no real background check they were nominating a reformer for Governor.

Lehigh should communicate immediately with the Massachusetts Republican State Committee to ask Charlie Baker to withdraw his candidacy for Governor and get a candidate with compassion, concern, care for Massachusetts Citizens and taxpayers. Failure to do so will most likely insure 4 more failed years of Governor Patrick and Assistant Governor Murray.