FBI Re-Opening Worcesster Office reported in Worceaster Telegram Newspaper. Both the Boston Regional Office and politically appointed US Attorneys have a track record of qustionable activities and do nothing investigations. Sources,witnesses, and whistleblowers be cautious.

(Worcester Telegram Posting)

I am not impressed. The Boston Regional Office has a long history of scandal from the Whitey Bulger issue coupled with the do nothing investigations of the Big Dig.

Remember,what the FBI finds, dismisses, or places in files to get dusty is controlled by revolving door Republican or Democratic temporary US Attorney Political Appointees.

I urge all potential sources, witnesses, or whistleblowers who want to report corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse to wait and see by what actions come forward.

In the meantime, contact one of the Washington based Whistleblower Groups that can be trusted for guidance. They include:

Project on Government Oversight
Scott Amey, General Counsel
phone: (202) 347-1122
fax: (202) 347-1116
email: info@pogo.org