Out of Touch Massachusetts Construction Union Bosses again in battle with Non Union Contractors reported in Worcester Telegram Editorial.

The issue the Telegram states is Project Labor Agreements and union-only construction contracts for public construction work in Massachusetts grossly inflate costs to taxpayers. That is a false premise as poor quality and not adhering to proper standards including cheating only creates bigger profits for contractors.

OK, now the real facts on so called alleged Project Labor Agreements.

The issue should be is quality in Construction, Oversight, and Accountability in Public Works Construction.

Republican President Herbert Hoover enacted the Federal Davis Bacon Act for Federal Projects and Masschusetts enacted a state version years earlier to prevent shoody construction of taxpayer projects by assuring the right qualified craft persons were doing the work.

The Massachusetts System worked well until the Worcester Telegram mentioned both Building Trades Union Head Frank Callahan and Edward Collins of the Electrical Workers Union major players who knowingly allowed enforcement and lack of inspections of Construction Sites to diminish. They were both out front to destroy the Secretariat of labor in 1993 as well a s being silent to the cries to get succeeding Democrat Attorney Generals to enforce these laws shortchanging both their members and taxpayers.

The height of this problems also brings in Carpenter Union Boss Mark Erlich whose members reportedly suffer a 25% unemployment rate despite paying high dues to their leadership. The Carpenters had its Worcester Union Building Roof refurbished without Union Roofers that caused other unions to picket with a big inflated 'Rat Doll' out front.

The unions and their Democrat Attorney General endorsees with the legislature are the culprits for the issue of quality in Public Works Construction to be in the shape it is today.....From the Big Dig to School construction under both Democratic and Republican Governor Administrations.

Project Labor Agreements are wrong. The only way to insure quality and fairness to all is to enforce existing Construction Laws for both Union and Non union contractors insuring a level playing field for legitimate hones contractors and workers. The Union Bosses should take responsibility for the current failure as the only way to stop shoddy workmanship and contractor cheating. Also, Contractors can sign agreements with the Carpenters Union only leaving other trades out and the Carpenter Union members will work along side non union sub-contractors and workers.

I challenge the Telegram and Union bosses to correct the mess and stop misinforming the readers, workers, and taxpayers.