I have received robo calls from Martha Coakley and now Scott Brown which irked me. You will find enclosed a potential position on who I may vote for in the upcoming special Massachusetts Special US Senate Election

I received a ROBO telephone call with a voice identifying himself as Scott Brown who helps to LEAD THE FIGHT AGAINST WASTE ON BEACON HILL......IF VOTING FOR HIM, PRESS 1, IF NOT VOTING FOR HIM, PRESS 2, AND IF UNSURE PRESS 3.

Martha Coakley has done little or nil for accountability and oversight of taxpayer dollars or prosecuting waste, fraud or abuse as Attorney General. Brown's record and documentation is non existent.

ROBO CALL FROM SCOTT BROWN 8:10PM-January 10, 2010-Not Believable
The question is for those of us who have a record on these issues what do we do? Hold your nose and vote for Martha and send her to Washington to be a rubber stamp for the dysfunctional Democratic Senate, send a message of frustration vote for Brown who seems to suffer from Pinocchio Syndrome , waste a vote on Kennedy the so called libertarian who cannot win. Or vote what is your heart for Mr./Mrs. Or Ms. Blank or the ultimate solution WRITE IN RALPH NADER?