Boston Herald reports UMASS President Jack Wilson gets pay raise of 15.4 percent, or $72,800, to $546,000 for fiscal year 2009 not mentioning benefits, perks, and is crying for more..Self Service and not Public Service..Insulting to all readers and taxpayers....."Another Pig at the Trough”Service

This is another example of self service and not public service. This public employee paid for with taxpayer and tuition dollars gives public service as an honorable profession a bad name.

Those that have tried and tried to blow the whistle on these type of salaries in so called public and non profit service are not surprised.

Mr.Wilson like so many of his colleagues does not show concern, care, or compassion for the mission and to those served.

Bernie Madeoff and Wall Street Banker salaries and perks are not the example to follow in the non profit, not for profit. and public sector.

The media must do more to focus, expose, and advocate change