Despicable for President Obama now wanting to be a “Populist”. And, maybe he becomes a Whistleblower! This is fraud to state he now wants to take on Wall Street Bankers. Too, Too, Too late, Obama has already cast his lot with the greed merchants of AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Stearns. He supported Fannie and Freddie, not to mention TARP and all the bailouts of this past year forgetting job losses and the people on Main Street.. Must we also mention his opium of Campaign Contributions? No one on Main Street can ever trust his chameleon like speeches of the day with little or no substance. Obama record is like George Bush and is certainly not one like Ralph Nader whom we all know.

How can anyone trust Obama when he has surrounded himself with the failed tax cheat enabler Timothy Geithner as his Treasury Secretary? He oversaw Wall Street when at theNew York Fed and continues to be their darling and shunning the people on Main Street. Ben Bernake for another term at the Federal Reserve who like Geithner is another defendant for the financial crisis the country is in? Also part of the Obama inner circle is questionable Chief Economic Adviser Larry Summers formerly of Harvard and an alleged enabler for Goldman Sachs who received questionable taxpayer bailout dollars and a former daily lecturer for Wall Street at big bucks.

Obama now wants to pick a fight with his Wall Street buddies thinking the people on main Street will believe him.. He must clean house first and go into a long-term Main Street First Mode by checking in to a Wall Street Last Rehabilitation Clinic to rid his philosophy and governing manner Bernie Madeoff made famous. Next, he must sanitize his cabinet and political overseers by using a Mr. Clean type cleaner to Spic and Span his administration. Failure to do these efforts will continue to have his nose grow like Pinocchio and be visible at the November 2010 mid term elections and be most prevalent when he goes for reelection in 2012. Obama better hope no insurgent progressive candidate takes him on.

The President also needs immediate backbone surgery to take out his bone marrow opportunist philosophy that got him the to where he is by the Mayor Daley and Rod Blagojevich political machines. Rahm Emanuel bulldog tactics must go. Obama must act like Mother Teresa and show real heart for the banished Black Tie and Expensive Gown State Dinner Crowd that cannot attend his gourmet White House mels from Main Street.

Obama must realize what families and small businesses are facing in unfair foreign competition jon losses, under and unemployment, high food, gasoline, heating and utility, unfair health insurance tuition, mortgage, rent, and hosing costs that He, George Bush, Republicans and Democrats don’t get as the special interests lubricate them and Washington into comas with campaign contributions.

Can a leopard change his spots? Can a junked car become new again? Can a failed Presidency Revive, Retool, Restore, Reinvigorate, Refresh, Reinvent, Reestablish, Re-establish itself?

Too late as faith, hope, and trust in the Obama Presidency by Main Street is becoming in doubt and the not loyal opportunists within the Democratic Party maybe ready to attack ?

Perhaps, we will witness the left and right along with the disgruntled so call “Tea People” unite to demand good government from its elected and appointed leaders? Main Street awaits for real deeds, accomplishments, and long lasting turnaround as the clock ticks with the impatience and lack of confidence growing.

President Obama make us proud of you. Really Rehabilitate and Renovate Yourself...