Massachusetts Republican Senate Leader Richard Tisei who did little or nothing when Republican Governors led the State now wants Ethics Reform under a Democratic Governor!

December 6,2008

I congratulate Senator Tisei, Minority Leader of the Republicans in the Massachusetts State Senate for coming almost too late to the issue of ethics reform? Senator Tisei said nothing and did nothing when Republican Governors Weld, Cellucci, Swift, and Romney were in charge and doing their wasteful unaccountable deeds of tax dollars thatlacked oversight on the Big Dig, Human Sevices, Consultants, Vendors, and Providers. He was there and watched the Governors of his party making the Big Dig costs go from #2.3 Billion to $23 billion that was riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse. Now there is no Republicans no longer control and he wants to become a taxpayer watchdog?

This Task Force was appointed at this time especially in light of the current Beacon Hill Scandals does appear as damage control. Their failure will be apparent with cursory recommendations that will come forward amount to only window dressing.

Look at the some names on this so called task force Charles Baker Jr., Scott Harshbarger, and Representative James Fagan! All had a part in the Big Dig fiasco that went from$2.3 Billion to $23 Billion that was riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse. This project was the largest construction cost construction project in history.

Does more need to be said about their watch and responsibilities? The Governor appointed this group and his person was named chair! Done deal, can this bring real reform? more political posturing and not real reforms?

The time has come for an independent government reform organization that should be installed and more independent than the WARD Commission that was formed during the Government Center Scandal. Maybe this time around the recommendations will be folllowed. Stop fooling the citizenry.

Time for a Governor and Legislature of both parties to disinfect their act and become true statesman.