Boston Magazine Daily Website Issues Comments on Massachusetts Governor Patrick Pick for Transportation Secretary....This Publication was one of the first to do an investigative series on the Big Dig and received much unfair criticism at the time....They were right.

December 21, 2008

Boston Magazine should be proud for all the investigative work the publication put into to exposing the Big Dig long before the costs escalated from $2.3 Billion to $23+Billion. Your magazine exposed much of the bad designs, inefficiencies, waste, and mismanagement. Boston Magazine listened to those who were sincere and were the Whistleblowers.

We who observed saw Boston Magazine being put under undue pressure by the Big Dig Special Interest Machine and did not buckle. When Boston Magazine did their series on the Big Dig, it the magazine worked both against both Boston Globe and Boston Herald Editorial Boards Interests and many in both Print and Broadcast Media that were in the love in with The Big Dig Public Relations machine and those who would profit. A statement in recent years further corroborated that both Boston Daily Paper Editorial Boards were “in the tank”. This was made by former Boston Globe Columnist and CBS4 Columnist Jon Keller when asked why the Boston Papers did not report more on the Big Dig. Keller even outed former Globe writer David Warsh as a basis for verification.

Jon Strahinch and former Boston Globe Reporter John Coughlin wrote the several investigative reports for Boston Magazine and tediously verified their findings. Their work was not recognized by the decision makers of the time in the Federal and State Government that have become part of the Big Dig international disgrace. The citizens of Massachusetts owe both of them a Profile in Courage Award.

Jim Aloisi was part of that bad Big Dig Culture always seeming to profit by a government patronage position, lobbying, or being paid ridiculously for time as a private attorney. His appointment sends a bad message for government reform, accountability, and oversight in an almost lost war in Massachusetts against Transportation, Waste, Fraud and Abusive Way of life.

(Note: Also. posted on Boston Magazine daily Website)