Machusaetts Citizenn Group STOP THE PIKE COALITION has offered hope with their mobilization to bring attention to fake increases in the Gas tax, Tunnel and Turnpike Tolls.

December 16, 2008

This group has captivated the hearts and hopes of the citizenry to bring precise attention to fake increases in the Gas Tax, Turnpike and Tunnel Tolls. They should not waste their new found credibility by focusing or wasting time on non direct issues they face.

The group has shown they can mobilize the citizens.
Now, it is time to focus on the issue of waste, fraud, and abuse of where previous funds went slated to repair
the state's deteriorating roads and bridges from the previous Gas Tax, Tunnel and Turnpike Tolls that were diverted or used to continue not make the Turnpke free by the Big Dig Special interests in and out of Government.