November 20, 2008

Democrat Governor Deval Patrick speaking at Suffolk University launched an attack upon his detractors unnamed. The guessing game ranges who the guilty maybe? They must be some from his own party, maybe a Governor Wannabe, the media, or the remnants of an almost extinct Massachusetts Republican Party.

Governor Patrick you are entering the third year of your four year tenure. You had so much vision and promise during your campaign and when first elected. However, you are acting like so many Governors before you be they Republican or Democrat, self service and not public service.

You can still be identified as a statesman instead as another politician. Your state is in crisis with so many sinking needing lifelines for food, medical care, shelter, education. The state’s middle class is under siege with job insecurity, failure to be able to pay for mortgages or rent. The business and industrial climate is sinking. You must reach the hearts and hopes of all citizens and not display public personal sarcasm. That is beneath you and your office.

It is time for your utmost leadership to challenge and work against any and all cynicism real or imagined that you insist is there. You must rise above the naysayer and be one for the vision of greatness for the Massachusetts present and future. Give the needed Hope, Concern, Compassion, and Sunshine needed in these times of failure and hopelessness in so many areas.

Government must be there before, during, and after when crisis or despair occurs. Mechanisms and rapid response solutions whether they affect humanity, family, or business crises must be ingrained and ready when needed.

Start with issuing a compact declaring direct confrontation to end all inefficiencies, waste, and mismanagement of government expenditures with all vendors, contractors, consultants and providers of taxpayer dollars be they for profit, non profit, or not for profit. Strong Waste and Fraud prevention apparatuses must be built into all state, local, and authority agencies. You must declare and attain a goal of a government that works, free of spoils, and patronage to restore merit, pride, and performance for employees performing their duties.

Issue a transparent budget complete with line items, subsidiary accounts, object codes and position scheduling with precise goals and objectives to be obtained for each tax dollar spent that will include detailed monthly reports to be publicly stated by you and not others.

Curb the appetite of the elected of massive fundraising and special interest campaign contributions. Lobbying on issues before government must be educational from the well heeled and equaled from those advocates and citizens less endowed.

I welcome you to be the first Governor of Massachusetts to be remembered as a statesman and not another politician for the 21st century.