The Massachusdetts Legislature Is Alseep Again By Allowing Governor Patrick And The Turnpike Gang To Cover Further Waste, Fraud and Abuse with New Toll Increases.

November 14, 2008

When will the Massachusetts legislature wakes up from a deep sleep to finally addressing phony turnpike toll increases that we were told in May 1990 that no tolls would be used to pay for the Big Dig? The project was to cost only $2.3 Billion and now will go to $23+ billion. The project is a national and international monument for the world’s most expensive road and bridge project that is riddled with poor engineering, construction, lack of oversight and accountability with little or no financial or jail punishment of the guilty and enablers.

Not a penny more for the Big Dig and all roads and bridges until first there is a determination that all Massachusetts citizens and taxpayers know the real unvarnished facts, a non special interest economic analysis is done, and all the dastards that got us into this mess are truly exposed and held accountable.

There must be a true non-partisan state government structure dedicated to independent oversight and accountability. The total reliance on private no bid for profit oversight by Bechtel and others of tax expenditures has been a failure. Only then, can we discuss and prioritize and objectively analyze what needs to be done.

We must know where the transportation monies went before any dastardly consideration of digging deeper into taxpayer pockets.