Massachusetts Common Cause Head Pam Wilmot Must Resign from Governor Deval Patrick's So Called Stacked Public Integrity Task Force To Maintain Her credibility As The Process Already Appears Tainted By Closed Door Meeting

November 19, 2008

The head of Common Cause of Massachusetts Pam Wilmot should immediately resign from Governor Deval Patrick’s self appoiunted so called Public Integrity Ethics Taskforce in which he also selected the chairperson. The Task Force being appointed at this time especially in light of the current Beacon Hill Scandals does appear as damage control. Chastising the Governor or that panel for holding its first meeting behind closed doors is an insult to Ms. Wimot’s membership, organization, and supporters. The failure will be apparent is if she continues to participate or be used with the so called recommendations that may come forward amount to only window dressing.

Look at the some names on this so called task force Charles Baker Jr., Scott Harshbarger, and Representative James Fagan! All had a part in the Big Dig fiasco that went from$2.3 Billion to $23+ Billion that was riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse. This project was the largest construction cost construction project in history. Does more need to be said about their watch and responsibilities?

Ms. Wilmot from Common Cause of Massachusetts, do not give yourself and your organization a not proud moment. Resign now and submit recommendations that you have done over the years that were never taken seriously by so called decision makers.

The time has come for an independent government reform organization that should be installed and more independent than the WARD Commission that was formed during the Government Center Scandal.

Ms. Wilmot could lead a credible reform movement and not be used as she has and not have to publicly scold Governor Patrick.