Place Your Bets For Massaschusetts Slots Parlor(s) License--Here are the Current Odds To Get a Massachusetts Slot Machine Parlor, Subject to Change.....George Carney of the defunct Raynham-Taunton Dog Track(1-9), Gary Piontkowski of the struggling Planridge Harness Track(10-1), Richard Friedman Cambridge Developer, for Worcester unneeded industrial site(25-1) or unknown player to be Annointed by hiring $$$  lobbyist, political influence, or campaign contributions(45-1 and declining).....Losers Massachusetts Citizens and Taxpayers?

Politically Appointed Massachusetts Casino Commission Ready to Give Away Slot Machine
Parlor(s)  Based on Influence?

Another fleecing in Massachusetts is taking place with the taxpayers and citizens getting little with the rushing train of casinos and slot machine Parlors coming that will not be stopped. Stand back, aside, don't be crushed, and watch the high powered special interests of Casino Billionaire Combines dominating the agenda. The so called destitute race tracks teaming up with the big time operators.

You will witness that is already here one of the most expensive lobbying efforts by profiteers ever to take place in Massachusetts plying their abilities and advocacy dollars of influence to get favorability, access for profits, personal gain and certainly not for the common good.

The lobbyists will profit, along with lawyers, bankers. public relations specialists, developers, landowners, so called non career temporary politically elected and appointed managers of government looking to secure a future or personal gain. They along with media ad sellers, sub contractors, construction companies, and potential service providers will be coming at the out resourced citizens and legislators that will make the Big Dig shoddy construction failure public relations fraud look elementary.

Massachusetts needs a truly independent diverse Casino review process composed only of people who cannot swayed or influence by ideology or personal gain. Will our government officials do it right? So far not good with the Governor Deval Patrick So Called Gaming Commission chaired by a political operative and non merit based appointees and workers?