Was Broadcast Journalist David Gregory from NBC MEET THE PRESS right to defend Massachusetts Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren Proclaimed Advocate of the People taking DIRTY Money Lawyer fees for defending guilty immoral Corporation wrongdoing?


Massachusetts United States Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren before taking office should give the DIRTY Corporate Money back she gained that no middle class defender, consumer fighter, or big bank accountability advocate should take. Money with interest amounts to almost $1 million.


David Gregory of NBC Network Meet the Press is wrong defending Warren as only a paid lawyer defending clients. They were asbestos insurers, steel company employee pension and healthcare fund grabbers,, and a manufacturer of defective breast implants. Hardly a resume for a so called Progressive Peoples Champion Elizabeth Warren!


NBC Meet the Press Gregory moderated making egregious mistakes at the first debate between now Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Senator Scott Brown. Gregory shortchanged and misled voters stating Elizabeth Warren only defended these companies as lawyer defending clients. The facts prove Warren represented questionable Corporate Agendas against earnest victims seeking legal redress.


Gregory knows better and was outright wrong. There are 3 types of lawyers, management business lawyers, labor and consumer lawyers, and the other which Warren belongs to the “Billable Minutes Lawyers”. These lawyers unethically without conscience represent both business and labor/consumers for $$$$ guilty or not, right or wrong, morally or ethically incorrect for clients willing to be charged by the minute without scruples or conscience.


Warren the lawyer disgustingly represented and was paid by Dow Chemical Company manufacturer of defective breast implants allegedly to set up trusts to avoid further claims. Warren took the money. Warren should give the big money received back to the victims. That is what a true Woman Consumer Victim Advocate would do and call those moneys gained by a Corporate Lawyer DIRTY Money.


Warren as lawyer tried to cut deals setting up another trust fund preventing further liability by asbestos victims on behalf of Travelers Insurance Company. Her client insurance company never paid any $$$ to victims or families. Yet, the Labor Boss of the Asbestos Workers Union, Fran Budrow astonishly defended her actions in handling the case! Warren should give her fees gained by Travelers to Asbestos victims. That is what a pro-labor consumer advocate would do and call moneys gained by Corporate Lawyers DIRTY Money.


Warren was involved another so call trust fund allowing bankrupt steel companies not to pay health and pension funds futher claims. Warren was praised during the campaign by AFL-CIO Boss Richard Trumka advocating and defending her candidacy! No wonder the American labor movement is in shambles? A pro-labor consumer advocate should call these fees received by a Corporate Lawyer DIRTY Moneys. The money gained by Elizabeth Warren should be given to the displaced workers.


Faults and question of fitness to be labeled a potential progressive by Elizabeth Warren never surfaced during the Democrats candidate nomination process. If Warren faced candidates in an open Progressive Democratic Primary and if the Party Bosses Dictators had not cleansed the field of potential Democratic Primary Candidates, her Democratic Candidacy would surely been exposed and potentially ended. The Democratic Party Bosses controlled their pre-primary convention to openly deny a candidate who gathered 10,000 signatures a right to a Primary Election Challenge. Defeated Republican Senator Scott Brown was ill equipped to bring forward Warren frailties and subsequently failed.


Elizabeth Warren should give back DIRTY Money received from these questionable motives Corporate Clients prior taking office as Massachusetts United States Senator. Failure to do so will dog her image she attempts professing being a reformer.