5 outsourced emergency rooms charging $30 surccharges for late night emergency room services in nincluding St. Vincents medical center in Worcester exposed by a union.

Now the rest of the story. The surcharge is a sham and is the result of for profit health care coming to Massachusetts of profits before people. Remember, in the case of St. Vincents the parishioners of the regions Catholic Church gave monies to the Bishop to build the original Hospital only to sold to a for profit entity and no monies given back to the parishioners. The union bosses who exposed this are trying to organize these outsourced entities and are certainly not whistleblowers? Also, if these entities were organized and the dues to the labor bosses were flowing in, would they have exposed this?

This union Local l199 in recent years has descended upon Massachusetts from New York with deep pockets for political campaigns and organization. Note the work done for Deval Patrick and other legislative races. This group is out organizing the death carnage of the state delivery system and that has come about because of falling apart due to the negligence of other unions Council 93 (AFSCME) and Local Union 509 SEIU.

These two groups maybe employing a similar strategy in their collaboration with the Human Services Industrial Establishment on so many issues? Letting the state delivery system fail and see their own dues paying members workers displaced, then organize the new entities and utilize the strategy of joint lobbying for protection in the legislature for grants, higher rates, and more unaccountable tax dollars?

SEIU stands for the Service Employees International Union headed by the embattled president Andy Stern. John Sweeney recently retired czar of the divided AFL-CIO once head SEIU and employed the same strategy. Union Bosses practicing self service and politics before the members and the citizens. This a reason so many who trusted unions do not today.

NOTE: This story was reported in the Worcester Telegram and a comment was posted on their Blog website.