National So Called Big Bucks Advocacy Group Suing Massachusetts Over Failure to Protect Vulnerable Children With Attorney General Opposing!

When is enough is enough? This issue has been around for decades. Democratic and Republican Administrations, The Legislature with few exceptions, and Union Bosses from SEIU and AFSCME are responsible for the continuous carnage of the most vulnerable Children and misuse of Taxpayer Dollars.

We have seen the in Massachusetts the rise of the most expensive, unaccountable, inhumane Human Services Industrial Establishment composed of no bid providers, consultants, vendors, and billable minutes lawyers literally conducting rape of tax dollars on a continuous basis.

What is sad to witness is an almost callous disregard lacking compassion, care, and concern for vulnerable children and families that only goes on and on from crisis to crisis and only reported when those few investigative journalists left employed inform the citizenry.