Former Massachusetts Republican and Democratic Governors Michael Dukakis and Bill Weld along with their Secretaries of Human Services, Phillip Johnston, David Forsberg and especially Charles Baker, Jr. are to blame for the failed system we have today at the Department of Children and Families along with the SEIU Social Workers Union Bosses who failed to demand adequate support and resources for their dues paying members struggling to do their job protecting vulnerable children in need.

For years the Administrative Reign of Terror goes on not providing Foster Care Children the compassion, Care, and Concern needed by both Democratic and Republican Administrations through almost any intense oversight and accountability of taxpayer dollars.

We can trace the carnage back to the Dukakis Administration and his failed Democratic Party Profiteer Human Services guru Secretary Phillip Johnston.

This continued to an art form by the Weld Administration that brought these failures to an art form by failed Human Services Secretary David Forsberg and later the worst by Charles Baker, Jr. Subsequent Governors not solving the crisis during their short tenures continued the failures.  Deval Patrick is the latest edition of Governors and the recipient of a public, media, and missing in action Legislature finally waking up and maybe taking action?

Baker plied his failed ideas and polices as the Human Services Czar and later as Chief Budget Administrator of purse strings give away of taxpayer dollars to contractors, providers, and vendors. Baker implemented the system of fewer accountants and auditor watchdogs to insure monies allotted are well spent and services to those in need were provided.

The SEIU Social Worker Union Bosses have failed their dues paying Social Workers struggling to protect vulnerable children with improper advocacy, tools, and resources.   The union has been too silent on private contractors and providers getting resources and contracts they trying to organize for more dues as their own members were getting less to do their work on behalf of affected children and taxpayers.

Their legacies of waste, fraud, and, abuse policies of no bid unmonitored contracts continues through subsequent Administrations reaching to this disgusting height of the Patrick Administration.

I remember the constant pleas for years by the Legislative Foster Caucus led by former foster child legislator Marie J. Parente, who sounded alarm after alarm year after year attempting to protect the vulnerable and often discarded children under the last available protection of the state.

Parente worked tirelessly for the victimized children despite her unanswered pleas to the media, public, and other legislators. She along with other former foster care legislators Gloria, Fox, and Stan Rosenberg  advocated as abuse after abuse and mismanagement was reported to changing temporary administrations.

Those who have sounded these alarms are always overshadowed by the well heeled so called improperly named Child Care industry and politically connected not insuring accountability and oversight.

The Foster Care System is an absolute failure where dysfunctional contractors, individuals are getting tax dollars.  The monies have been wasted or pirated by those taking needed dollars for quality services not provided with little oversight or accountability.

Massachusetts Government does not have a direct care safety net for the children in need and is totally dependent on outside exploitation by the Human Serves Industrial Establishment looking for unmonitored tax dollars.

Foster Care Children and Taxpayers deserve better.