Newly Politically Appointed Massachusetts State Inspector General Glen Cunha now designated by Governor Deval Patrick  to investigate the State Drug Lab is wrong.

 I firmly disagree with the Massachusetts Office of Inspector General conducting the investigation.

The Inspector General offfice has been disfunctional for several years and needs an independent investigation of its agency for a failed mission.

The tenure of the imediate past Inspector Genera Gregory W.Sullivan and conduct of serious investigations for government waste,fraud, and abuse was liteally non existent.  Just look at the lack of a serious record on the Big Dig or Government Contracting of taxpayer dollars.

Any investigation being conducted by the Inspector General will be suspect at best. He is political appointee by the Governor, Auditor, and Attorney General all who have had responsibility to do oversight, funding, and staffing and have controls in place to prevent the current disaster at the Drug Lab that were not used.

A truly independent review team should be appointed with subpoena  powers and right to prosecute not under control of neither the Governor or Attorney General to report and take action needed to reform the State Drug Lab.