Whistleblower Investigative Reporter Brian Ross of ABC Broadcasting commits gross error in reporting......................Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos  of  American Broadcasing Company wrongly makes report on the network of the Colorado Theater Shooter James Holmes was associated with THE TEA PARTY.

We have respected  both of these broadcast journalists Ross and former Democratic party operatative Stephanopoulos.  Later Ross apologized for not properly verifying the James Holmes membership in the Colorado Tea Party who could not be linked.

This most serious tragedy which has shaken our nation and its people should  not be further victimized by shoddy journalism or utilized to wrongly implicate by insuating a political faction.

Brian Ross has been an outstanding investigative reporter over the years earning great credibility for his investigative reporting.  Now that integrity brings into question all previous efforts that must now must be reviewed for any potential errors.    

The premise that I want to bring forward is that prior to making any serious accusations or revelations proper research beyond any reasonable doubt is mandatory. Further, caution is also to be utilized when attemping to assist any conscientious persons honestly attempting to report wrong doing. All accusations must always be properly researched for verification at all times.  Also, sources must be always shielded from intimidation and false retalitory challenges by wrongdoers.