MASSACHUSETTS STATE BUDGET COMING FOR 2013 WITH INCREASED CALLS FOR NEW TAXES AND FEES....YET, THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC OF EMPLOYERS WHO UNDERHANDILY CHEAT BY OPERATING ILLEGALLY AND NOT PAYING THEIR TAXES CONTINUES WITH GOVERNMENT DOING NOTHING TO GET TAXES DUE....Sincere honest employers and their employees who maintain proper legal standards and must compete in the marketplace in unfair competition continue to be exploited due to little or no enforcement on the unscrupulous who cheat. 

Massachusetts is a cheaters paradise for businesses that do no properly pay taxes, workers compensation, mandated wages and benefits to their workers.

Masssachusetts was formerly the national leader in child labor, employment, and wage enforcement laws. Honest employers and their employees are being forced to compete unfairly against businesses that cheat.

Most cheating businesses have little fear of being caught as the Attoney Generl and Workforce Development do not enforce the laws, rules, and regulations with adequate staffing, oversight, and prosecutions.

The blame squarely falls on those elements in organized labor that destroyed the hard fought Secretariat of Labor instead of monitoring and holding the agency accountable. Those labor bosses have failed to advocate and insure adequate resources and those agencies are doing their mandated functions. They continue to cover up their failure for their decisions with workers and the taxpayers continuing to suffer.

It is unfortunate that workers who are exploited have to retain a lawyer for hire to obtain the fruits of their labor and government in their time of need is not there to help. Unfortunately, some of the elements from organized labor that sat by and covered up the destruction of Massachusetts employment law enforcement are now in charge of those government agencies.

The message to those businesses who cheat,do so, the chances of getting caught is little or nil, and when caught pay up most times cents on the dollar. Massachusetts has welcomed businesses who cheat their employees and do not pay their fair share of taxes