Do not judge all citizens and those who live in Massachusetts by these guys.  Most men and women in the state are not like the image or deeds they present or pronounce.

The former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis during his tenure began the process while Governor for the destruction of the state delivery of the Human Services System for Public Health, Elderly, Children, Developly Disabled, and those in need of Mental and Substance Abuse.  He gave the duties to Speculators, Consultants, and Vendors with little or no required Oversight or Accountability on cost or quality. Also, the Dukakis Administration gave birth to the most expensive no bid with almost no accountable system of quality and cost. That Transportation Project was the most expensive in the world of its day that went from $2.3 to a $24 Billion shoddy failure called the BIG DIG.  His campaign for the Presidency resulted in failure and embarrassed the Massachusetts Brand in 1988.

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is known for his many miscues and questionable earned/unearned wealth including for moving a fire hydrant that became a scandal of having the unsightly ornament moved from its site in front of his multi million $$$$ townhouse in the most affluent Boston neighborhood. Also, our Massachusetts Senator bought a yacht built in New Zealand and registered in Rhode Island that avoided Massachusetts State taxes.  Yet, he wants to raise citizen taxes as a United States Senator and tries to be one of the 99%. His campaign for the Presidency resulted in failure and further embarrassed the Massachusetts Brand in 2004.

Finally, Mitt Romney is our former Massachusetts Governor who fled the state not seeking re-election as the Polls were not favorable at the time.  Finally, as the Boston Bain Capital Commander Chief Executive Officer, Romney who alleges with no specific detail data he created so many jobs according to himself.  This is under review and audit by those in his own Republican Party. The Democrats appeared to have forgotten since his 1994 failed attempt to defeat the late Massachusetts Senator Kennedy when he was originally exposed for firing and closing companies and making ridiculous gouging profits for himself and Bain. The Corporate VULTURE or Corporate Raider label Romney is getting even from Republicans may make him look like a Bernie Madoff before it is over when fully audited for facts.  Sarah Palin is now critical and questions the Romney record. At which point, there may be a suggested movement to take the Romney Massachusetts Citizenship away and deport him to one of his other expensive homes in New Hampshire, California, Utah, or parts unknown if he is found and verified to be contaminated with the Pinocchio disease. Will the Romney campaign for the Presidency result in failure and embarrass again the Massachusetts Brand in 2012.

Look at the cities and towns in Massachusetts that based traditional national and international industries.  These existed for centuries and decades despite world wars, depressions, and recessions. They employed immigrants who came for a better life and residents that could have a career in skill and semi skill meaningful jobs raising families and contributing to Massachusetts Greatness and leadership in the national and world economy.  Look at the carnage and depression of the many Massachusetts towns such as North Adams Pittsfield, Springfield, Holyoke, Fitchburg, Lawrence, Southbridge, Lynn, Boston, Brockton, Fall River, Quincy, and New Bedford. These Communities lost their industrial way from being a fishing, textile, plastics, machine tools, and among other many innovative industries based in the state.  There are so many Corporate VULTURE and Corporate Raider stories to be told.  The so called Free Market of sincere entrepreneurs caring about building businesses fairly and equitably, their community, and social compacts with their workers has been destroyed.  That has been replaced by speculators, Quick Buck Banker Loan Sharks, many Ponzi Schemes, Raiders, and rapes of industries that so called Globalization and shipping jobs overseas for lower, costs and blaming so called unproductive Massachusetts workers is a fraud.

 Dukakis and Kerry thought they could fool their way into the Presidency.  Romney and Bain Capital are clear examples of what the free market enterprise system misnamed Capitalism should not be for an American Presidency.

Perhaps, Massachusetts Citizens should call in the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta to make a determination what the cause of the Potomac fever that seems to affect those few affected such as Dukakis, Kerry, ,and Romney and question the cause of the delusion illness to be President.

It is not the fault of the Citizens of Massachusetts. Blame these adult individuals and not tar and feather the residents of the 1620 Mayflower Ship that landed for a better life and built our great state. The actions of a few who in their mind to become President of the United States should not be taken that all in Massachusetts support or approve.