Massschusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump Continues Patronage Hiring After Dismissing Those Hired By The Former Auditor.......  Spoils and Patronage Hiring Continues In Auditors Office?......Will Audits be Conducted In A Political Manner based on Politics or Being Conducted On Merit to Expose, Waste, Fraud, And Abuse of Tax Dollars?

Distrust of Auditor Bump continues.

Her political appointed so called senior management team already exposed and written who temporary job holders themselves now hire replacement auditors.

This clearly shows one gang gets elected and throws the other gang out in office.

The problem there was no legitimate merit hiring process in this and other Executive offices from the Governor to the Treasurer.

There is no continuity of administration or long term goals of a merit career ladder accountable management that works and runs free  and protected from personal agendas no matter what dependent of campaign contributions temporary State Auditor is elected. Auditor Employees do not even have the right to join  even a weak union.

Massachusetts State Government long ago destroyed weakened and then destroyed its civil service system and has no real merit hiring system in place.

The political wars appear to continue by Bump and former Auditor Dinucci.

Mistrust and political Agenda of Auditor Suzanne Bump continues?