Boston Globe waking up and talking about attack ads on the race for Massachusetts Governor acting surprise when they should have been reporting and separating facts from fiction

Now the facts are coming out on both Baker and Patrick in so called cosmetic political ads for both these so called special interest candidates. When will you reporters early on in campaigns do real investigative journalism from the start of the election process that may have gotten better candidates?

As for Baker, he only has to have his mirage work for the next few weeks and hope more information does not come out on his jobs of destruction and to citizens and taxpayers that is an unexposed record when Baker his government job failures as Assistant Secretary of Human Services, Secretary of Human Services, and the Chief State Budget Dictator and Know All before going on to be head of the bailed out failed HMO Harvard Pilgrim with its $million+ salary that gouged businesses and industries wanting to provide healthcare to their employees and citizens in need of quality health insurance.

Now, we will have the Charlie attack ads from out of state and in state from his Special Interest Machine and so called not associated groups that will make big buck profits for Massachusetts broadcast media outlets