Boston Globe Reporter/Columnist Scot Lehigh is at it again writes column attacking public employee health insurance not revealing his spouse works for health insurance provider in his attempt to praise guru candidate Charles Baker the supreme health care industry special interest advocate.

This long long time reporter turned expert columnist has misinformed the readers again. He appears to have gross dislikes of union bosses. Scot Lehigh should not the demonize victim workers and families in need of health care. Could the reporter/columnist at least hold the health care industrial establishment accountable because Scot Lehigh never did to the Big Dig Special Interest Machine?

What is most interesting about the column is to look at the blog comments that exposed Lehigh. Scot Lehigh came back and even blogged the person making the revelation displaying additional positions on issues that should be used as a disclaimer every times he writes in the future. Lehigh has reached a new depth in journalism , There must be a code of ethics and conduct for all in the media in order not to fool readers or listeners.

Scot Lehigh long long time reporter turned columnist is at it again refusing to research the issues and pontificating with only leaving out all the valid details.

Charlie Baker and his father both served on the GIC and supported the carnage GIC Head Dolores Mitchell fosters and continues on public employees on paid premiums and taxpayer dollars honestly put forward for health coverage.

Fact: The Baker/Mitchell clan put forward allowing doctors and hospitals to do balance billing where costs over all above not paid by health plans can be billed directly to subscribers. That was promoted by the clan that was stopped after a legislative battle where Mitchell tried to fool the legislature that it was a cost saving. That practice was outlawed years before for all private sector employees.

Next, the GIC allowed drug formularies to be changed at will when specific lists were given to doctors and state employee patients which drugs were allowed by contract. That information is needed on drugs especially those trying to survive fatal illnesses. The Baker/Mitchell Clan did nothing. A complaint was filed with the Attorney general and the provider had to pay restitution.

The legislature always had a final say on health insurance premiums for those employees covered with several of the minority members of those unions appointed often going along with the administration in power and not the employees they represented.

The GIC and when the Baker/Clan always found ways to make the employees pay more, for less coverage, higher co-pays and deductibles and rarely holding the Health Care Industrial Establishment Accountable.

I challenge to be corrected.