Boston Globe Business reporter Liz Kowalczyk maquerading as a Health Reporter has gone too far in again writing a one sided news story relative to consumers may not have a choice in doctor hospital care under new plans by the Massachusetts Healthcare Industrial Establishment and a Dysfunctional State Government to ration Massachusetts healthcare to citizens in need of healthcare.

This so called news story is an outrage as this business reporter continues to masquerade herself as a so called health reporter.

Too long this reporter continues to report healthcare issues one sided. Why were not the other side presented in her story? A reporter reports while a columnist excesses a personal opinion.

Inefficiency, waste, mismanagement, fraud and abuse continues in the Massachusetts healthcare industry unmonitored and unchecked with reporters such as this failing to listen or report on the rape of business and industry trying to provide affordable quality healthcare for employees and their families. Consumer and citizens in need of healthcare be warned that the Globe is not advocating or reporting fairly on healthcare issues.

The well financed Healthcare Industrial Establishment and The Boston Globe are allies. The highest healthcare costs in Massachusetts have in the country and the world will continue as advocating rationing to provider networks continues.

Shame on the reporter and Globe for making those in need of healthcare the scapegoats. The MADEOFFS in the industry conducting financial rape on the pocketbooks of taxpayers and citizens are the real culprits.