New York Times reportedly selling the Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram at a fire sale by July 8. Liquidators, speculators, and low ball bidders-the feast and cheap deal of the century has arrived.

This news is a New England disgrace.

The newspaper of record for New England and the paper of record for Worcester County is going in fire sales potentially to some liquidators, speculators, or become victims of some sort of get rid sale scheme. This calamity is being dictated by absentee failed management owners of the deteriorating New York Times.

Government must step in immediately at the highest levels. There needs to be an immediate post audit and oversight hearing here in Massachusetts. There must be a true independent financial and performance. audits.

The congressional delegation should do more than lip service as press freedoms are being compromised now in this region as is happening throughout the country with no intervention.

The disgrace will result less transparency in communications. We are witnessing another failure and example that requires government regulation to insure competition in the media to preserve first amendment rights. Newspapers should have not become the tools of Wall Street stock greed and moguls monopolistic unfair expansion goals. This is a failure of the unregulated free market left alone to act like robber barons.

Government acted quickly with blank checks to bail out the selfish banks, insurers, wall street brokerage houses, and the auto industry. Yet, that which affects our democracy, civil rights, free speech, and first amendment rights be dammed!