Massachusetts Cabinet Secretaries leaving in one of the first shakeups of the administration of Governor Deval Patrick. Spoils and Patronage Positions continue with no continuity and long term planning leadership?

February 2, 2009

Two of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Cabinet secretaries have resigned continuing his administration's biggest shake-up since the first few months in office.

Daniel O'Connell is stepping down as Secretary of Housing and Economic development, and Michael E. Festa, Secretary of Elder affairs are leaving

This is a problem with the structure of the Executive Branch of Massachusetts government.

Politically appointed administrators being appointed that come and go with no long term planning goals, objectives, or responsibility for actions.

Massachusetts needs a system of government managers who are held accountable that maintain continuity from administration no matter if a Republican or Democrat holds office. Even low level managers have become tools of a spoils and patronage system.

The legislature has abdicated its responsibility of checks and balance by failing to insure accountability and oversight of Executive Branch budgetary decisions.

Massachusetts Government is filled with inefficiencies, waste,and mismanagement. This has led to all the reports of waste, fraud, and abuse the Special Self Interests have plagued the Massachusetts Citizenry.

Time for real transparency and sunshine in Massachusetts Government Operations.